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What are H2ouse Lovers Cards?

The new H2ouse lovers cards are a new loyalty program at BrewH2ouse.

The more drinks you purchase, the more free drinks you earn!

H2ouse Lovers Card!

Get your card punched for every drink you purchase. Every ten punches will earn you the drink of your choice! Remember, we give double punches on Wednesdays.

Our little Gnome just got his H2ouse Lovers Card!


Every Wednesday, each drink purchased gives two punches instead of one, meaning you're an extra step closer to the free drink!

Just doing our part to make Wednesdays a little more exciting!

Filling out the card

Once you fill your H2ouse Lovers Card with 10 punches, you're able to pick a free espresso, tea, or Lotus drink! It's our way of thanking you for making Brew H2ouse your home away from home!

The Gnome has filled out his card! What will he order?

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