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Brew H2ouse Head Barista and Chief Engineer 

The Zeitlins moved to New Bern this past August, and decided it was time for Liz to fulfill her life long dream of opening up a coffee shop. After years of working in the coffee, hospitality, and retail industries, Liz wanted to open a shop that offers excellent espresso drinks and an exceptional customer experience.  Coupled with John's business acumen and handyman skills, they created the Brew H2ouse space to be a cozy and inviting environment.



BrewH2ouse Senior Vice President of  logistics, customer service and site manager

Brendan has had previous experience working at Wegmans in Chapel Hill, and Harris Teeter in Carolina Colours, and is our resident technology and logistics specialist.  As a person with Autism, Brendan is more comfortable behind a screen (he built the website for the shop, which you are reading right now!) but gets out of his comfort zone to take customer orders, read at Story Time, and handles all of  Brew H2ouse's pickups and deliveries. 


Taylor Zeitlin

BrewH2ouse silent partner, content provider, muse

A world traveler, Taylor has
 recently has returned from a year Prague CZ, and is getting readt to move to Nashville, TN. She is currently training to be a barista, and is very helpful with identifying trends, curating drinks, and creating internet content for Brew H2ouse. When in town, she can often be seen assisting with Story Time, interacting with customers, and providing cheer and silliness throughout the shop. 

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