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Living My Best Life

I was texting with one of my college friends the other day, and she asked me how everything is going with the shop. "I make the coffee and pet the dogs, so what could be better?" I responded. That comment has stayed with me for the last few days, and I have been reflecting on how true it is.

For most of my adult life, if you had asked me what are my favorite things to do, I would have said "drink coffee, read books, pet dogs" (I also would have said yoga and going to the gym, but that was before I jacked up my knee). Well, here I am, and guess what I do? Drink coffee, read books, and pet dogs! Plus, I get to meet amazing new people, make new friends, and generally feel like I am doing good things in a community I adore!

Thank you to all of my customers and friends for giving me the opportunity to live my best life with you!

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