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Welcome to the 1.1.0 update

Hello there! We have just launched our 1.1.0 update, this update introduces the brand new shop to the site! Like before, you're able to order online and have the product delivered to your house! You can also use it to order ahead too!

We plan on keeping the shop updated constantly, separate from site wide updates, meaning you should keep your eyes open to make sure that you can find what you need! In a later update, we plan on adding a userbase to our shop, allowing people to register, and keep data saved to help make it easier to remember where to go for things. At the moment, the userbase is unavailable , but keep an eye out for it!

We also launched the blog which you are reading a post of right now. We will post about going-ons in the shop, and promote things you might enjoy.

We thank you for using the website, for a more detailed version of updates, check out the change log and we'll have a more detailed account of what changed!

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