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Year One is Done, and What a Beautiful Year it has Been

It's been just a little over a year since we opened the shop, and I would like to take a moment to reflect on what an surprising, delightful, frustrating, rewarding, exhausting, and ultimately satisfying journey this has been.

I am so grateful to all of our wonderful customers for giving us a try, coming back for more, telling your friends, and making this little corner of the world feel like a place worth spending some time in.

I'm grateful to my family and friends for all of your support and encouragement, and for allowing me to test out some interesting recipes on you.

I'm grateful to my wonderful vendors, and to the New Bern, James City, and Havelock business communities who have so graciously welcomed us into their fold, and most especially to the women business owners who have been so supportive and collaborative.

I'm grateful to Brendan for getting out of his comfort zone and connecting with customers. I'm also so glad that he is my chief technology troubleshooter, because that is not in my wheelhouse.

I'm grateful to my husband for being amazing in all things, and who has singlehandedly curated most of the beautiful renovations to the shop. Literally singlehanded, for one very eventful day.

I appreciate you all, and look forward to the next year!

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